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Andrew is a playwright, librettist, novelist, musician and songwriter. His works include the following:

Songs from a Ledge

A legend of the jazz age reaches out to her great granddaughter, lost in the present day. Together they face and overcome their very different changes.

A musical co-written with Amy Kakoura. Starring Amy, Jessica Duncan and Phil John. Directed by Lana MacIver, produced at the Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham in Nov 14.

Currently seeking development partners.
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Goodnight Polly Jones

Produced at Theatre N16 in February in February 2016 starring Victoria Morrison and Ben Keenan, directed by Lana MacIver.

Sharpe's dialogue is sparse and muscular. He constantly evokes the world of the workplace that can be a fun place to be in but at the same time a hell on earth.
London Pub Theatre. Richard Braine. ****

Laura Thomas

A fictional persona Andrew uses when writing music, festival and theatre reviews for Kempation, London Pub Theatre, Fatea, London Theatre 1 and Carn's Theatre Passion.

The Folio

Conrad never recovered from Eleanor's disappearance, Catherine is convinced that her sister is not dead. What is the connection with the mysterious rock star Max Blanco and her dissolute guitarist Joe Soap.

'Comedy of Errors' meets 'Notting Hill', the work has completed workshops directed by Scott Le Crass, and a full production is being sought.

Meet me at the Nightingale

Cyclist Kirsty is distraught, following a near miss with a construction truck, and takes refuge in the legendary 'Nightingale Café', where she meets and is befriended by the charming but befuddled Harry, waiting, seemingly for ever, for his wife to return from a shopping trip.

Together, these two unlikely friends uncover a mystery stretching back over eighty years.

Produced by KatAlyst this flash drama (10 minutes) is looking for performance opportunities.


Folk Phenomena: Steamchicken always come across as a force of nature and there is something primal that is stirred by their sounds. We strongly recommend for folkies, non-folkies and for anyone who doubts that live music can get you moving in your heart and in your feet because these chickens sure can fly!

Hot Music Live: Steamchicken don't do straightforward... Ella Fitzgerald's hectic bebop When I Get Low I Get High gets a workover that brings in influences from electro-swing to Balkan street band, Oh Mary Don't You Weep gets a reggae beat complete with a gorgeous ethereal horn riff straight out of Kingston.

Ian Croft. R2 5*: folk, jazz, blues, soul...combine seamlessly into a coherent sound ... soulful, haunting ... outstanding vocals.

Vic Smith. FRoots: ...between Bellowhead and UB...exhilarating stuff.

David Chamberlain, FATEA: a joyful listening experience that will leave you with a smile on your face and a spring in your step...

Pure M Magazine:enchanting vocals...mesmerizing... I fell in love with it...ceilidh-swing, folk twisting, blues and ska.

Bright Young Folk: ...probably the most convincing attempt yet and marrying English folk and ambient dubstep...

Simon Redly: Music Republic Magazine. 4* ...sheer musical talent here, palpable chemistry.